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Kitchen Awning

This sliding door leads from an eat-in kitchen to a patio.  We added a faux awning out of a fantastic wide stripe, corded in the multi colored floral that is in their den. 

The first detail photo is the underneath of the valance so you can see how it is constructed.  The awning is supported by a  lightweight pvc frame. The awning hangs from decorative knobs. 

This valance is great as it does not require large amounts of fabric yardage. It has the option of adding trim to the lower edge, but here it looks just perfect  without it. 

LawingsKitchen/lawingdr5.jpg LawingsKitchen/lawingdr4.jpg LawingsKitchen/lawingdr3.jpg LawingsKitchen/lawingdr2.jpg

Click on the photos for a larger detail. 

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